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I experiment with the potential for sound and light to be used as atmospheric mediums, through the integration of digital and analogue technologies. I use theatrical presentations incorporating sound equipment (such as speakers, flight cases, stage rigs and microphones) to suggest sparse performances encouraging viewer interaction and interpretation of the constructed environment.

My musical background heavily influences my practice: I often reference the ‘pop record’ either through the use of my own voice or with a particular structure and time frame to the music I incorporate. My intention is to bridge the gap between art and music, thus encouraging the viewer to see these creative mediums as two parts of the same whole. The equipment I use to build my installations is utilized for its function as well as its aesthetic presence as a performance object.

The absence of a performer forces the viewer to engage with the equipment. I enjoy the idea that the objects I use to create the installation become part of the viewer’s visual interpretation. The equipment I use is pregnant with signifiers and reflects a very masculine and fetishized look. I use particular sound pieces to subvert this evident masculinity, bringing the viewer to a state of self-discovery and ambivalence.

I also project films of everyday quotidian scenes – such as a motorway, window sill or glass of water – and present them with sound pieces, which act as soundtracks either accompanying or clashing with the visual image. I’m interested in altering the perception of our surroundings to reinvigorate the experience of the world around us. I believe that by bringing together complimentary and or clashing audio and visual signifiers you can re-engage with the sometimes trivial and uninteresting material world.


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