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S P L I T  S E C O N D  –  P R I V A T E  V I E W
Hannah Slater + Rose Berlin
16th – 21st March 2017
Private View 16th March
Exhibited at the PLY GALLERY
Hornsey Town Hall
Arts Centre
Filmed by Cheekyfire
Edited by HKG

A documentation of the SPLIT SECOND private view showcasing the artwork of Hannah Slater and Rose Berlin.


O P U S  2017
Sound Piece
6 x speakers, Amp, iPod
Duration 66 minutes (looped)
All vocal pieces written by Rose Berlin
Produced recorded and mixed by Rose Berlin and Dean Garcia at the ELab UK
Rose Berlin – Voice, Dean Garcia – Drums and Loops
Noun – Word forms: plural opuses or opera
1.    Music – a separate composition or set of compositions
2.    Art – an artistic work, especially one on a large scale
Dimensions variable

Listen to a compilation of the original vocal pieces here

Part of SPLIT SECOND exhibition

S O U N D T R A C K, 2015


4x PA Speakers, Amplifier

Duration of sound piece 3hours 2minutes (looped)

part of KISS OF DEATH exhibition

sound piece available to listen online – coming soon

D A R K  M A T T E R , 2015


Tin can, QR code

Written and recorded by Rose Berlin

Contributor – Dean Garcia

Scan QR code to listen and purchase the album Dark Matter

All songs written by Rose Berlin and Dean Garcia
Produced Recorded and Mixed by Dean Garcia at the ELaB UK
Rose Berlin – Voice and Words
Dean Garcia – Music – Bass Drums Guitars Keys and Programming

part of KISS OF DEATH exhibition

Listen and download from Bandcamp

O N C E  U P O N  A  T I M E  2014
Sculpture | Sound Piece
Concrete, paper, Black Gloss Ceramic Tile
Sound Piece 9minutes and 28seconds
400mm X 300mm X 110mm


Copyright 2014 Rose Berlin